Overview of Yancheng City
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Yancheng City ( 32°34-34°28N and 119°27-120°54E)located in thecentral costal area of Jiangsu Province, borders the Yellow Sea on the east, Nantong City and Taizhou City on the south, Huai’an City and Yangzhou City on the west, and Lianyungang City to the north separated by Guanhe River. Yancheng City boasts unique and abundant resources of land, marine and tidal flat. It is the largest city and possesses the longest coastlinein Jiangsu Province.The total land area is 17,700 square kilometers, including an area of 4,553 square kilometers of coastal tidal flat which accounts for 70% of the coastal tidal flat area of the entire Jiangsu province. The coastline is 582 kilometers long, accounting for 56% of the total coastline length of Jiangsu Province. The southern coastal area of Sheyang estuary, renowned as “Golden Coast”, still extends towards the sea at a speed of over 10 square kilometers per year, being the largest and the most potential land reserve resource in Jiangsu Province.