Yancheng Comprehensive Bonded Zone (Phase III) Smoothly Accepted
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On November 21st, the Yancheng Comprehensive Bonded Zone (Phase III) was accepted smoothly. At this point, the 2.28 square kilometers of Yancheng Comprehensive Bonded Zone have achieved full acceptance. Deputy Director of Nanjing Customs, Ge Yanfeng, led a team to conduct the inspection, and Deputy Mayor Tang Jing participated in the inspection activity.

The Yancheng Comprehensive Bonded Zone was approved by the State Council for establishment on June 16, 2012. It has become an important carrier and functional platform for the city to expand its opening-up, promote industrial transformation and upgrading, and accelerate the development of China-Korea (Yancheng) Industrial Park. The first phase of the Comprehensive Bonded Zone has a closed area of 1.21 square kilometers, which passed national acceptance on November 15, 2012; the second phase of the closed area covers an area of 0.82 square kilometers and passed the national acceptance on January 31, 2018. This acceptance covers an area of 0.25 square kilometers and plans to launch new emerging industries such as electronic information and green energy storage.